Our Story


Esio Beverage Company was founded by Frank Leonesio in 2005. The technology embedded in the Esio Beverage System was demonstrated to Frank as a coffee dispenser. Because there was already a good deal of competition in the single-serve coffee dispenser category, Frank had the idea of putting the technology in a hot & cold water cooler, which would allow the user to have any size hot or cold beverage at the touch of a button. With the assistance of Mr. Lyle Myers, a marketing executive from MCI, they acquired the worldwide rights to the technology, and they proceeded to invent and design the Esio Beverage System. In 2009, Lyle and Frank formed Esio Franchise Company to offer a unique franchise opportunity that is built on the foundation of our revolutionary, game-changing technology!

Mr. Leonesio is no stranger to start-up companies…this is his 10th start-up company, and he has an unmatched track record of success. He started two national health club chains over 20+ years. In 2001, he founded a bottled water company called O’Premium Waters, and within four years, he was the largest bottled water distributor in not only Arizona, but the entire Southwest.

I guess what we’re saying is, “this ain’t his first rodeo…” And more importantly, Frank believes the Esio is the most exciting company he’s founded to-date.

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to provide an Exceptional Esio Experience in every home and office in the U.S.

Our franchisees have the ability to provide personal, customized service to anyone that has an Esio Beverage System, and once the customer falls in love with the Esio Beverage System, the franchisee acquires a recurring revenue stream from the customer’s monthly purchases of Esio Paks.

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Our Mission is to build a national network of profitable Regional Developers and Franchisees who will drive sales of Esio Systems and Beverages by delivering the Exceptional Esio Experience in the customer’s home or office.

In our quest to achieve our Vision and Mission, we adhere to four simple core values:

  • Have Fun – We believe work should be fun. We work hard, but you’ll often find as laughing and whistling while we do it!
  • Be Honest and Respectful – We say what we’re thinking around here—but always in a respectful way. Everyone has a voice, because you never know where the next great idea is coming from.
  • Serve the Community – We are committed to giving back to our local community, and we encourage our franchisees to do the same.
  • Work Smart and Do More – We believe time is one of our most valuable assets, and we don’t waste it! We prioritize the important things and execute them with a sense of urgency.