Right For Me?

Essential characteristics of an Esio Franchisee:

  • Passion for the Product. If your reaction to a demonstration of the Esio Beverage System was, “WOW! That’s amazing…why wouldn’t everyone want one?”….then you’re well on your way to being a great Esio Franchisee candidate.
  • Sales. A strong sales background (or a desire to learn) is key to your success as an Esio Franchisee. Our franchise program is founded on direct-to-consumer selling, so you must be comfortable with performing demonstrations and selling to consumers.
  • Planning and Execution. Good planning skills and a disciplined approach to execution are imperative. This is a fast-paced, “hands-on” business, so the ability to multi-task is key. We expect you to have clear goals and strive to achieve them.
  • Self-Motivated and Positive Attitude. You will be the boss, so you’ll have to motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable to growing and nurturing your business. You will encounter obstacles and things will change. We are looking for people with a positive attitude, flexible and willing to take risks on new ideas.
  • Communication and Customer Service. The ability to communicate clearly and listen to your customers is an important quality in our service-oriented business.
  • Character and Integrity. In line with our core value of “Be Honest and Respectful,” we are looking for candidates that play by the rules, aren’t afraid to share their thoughts, and do so in a respectful way.
  • A single-unit Esio Franchisee needs at least $43,000 liquid and a net worth of $300K. A Regional Developer needs at least $250,000 liquid and a net worth of $500,000

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